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McAllans Highland WearYou should always get someone else to do the measuring for you, as it is important for this to be as accurate as possible. Kilts are adjustable to allow for weight loss or gain over the lifetime of the kilt and it is often possible to make larger adjustments should they be required, but it is worthwhile spending the time to make sure that the initial measurements are correct.

If you would like to talk it through or have any questions whatsoever then we normally have an outfitter at the end of the phone or an email who would be more than happy to talk to you and provide help and guidance.
(a) 5 - Natural Waist (level with tummy button) measure over the navel and firm on the hip bone.
(b) 3 - Seat - Hip measurement over widest part of the hip
(c) 5 to 1 - Kilt Length - Natural waist (Level with tummy button) to middle of knee.
A good guide for kilt lengths can be based on height, as follows:-
Height = Kilt Length
5'6" = 23"
5'7" = 23.5"
5'8" & 5'9" = 24"
5'10" to 6' = 25"
6' + = 25.5"
For made to measure jackets only:
(d) 2 to 6 - Jacket Sleeve Length
(e) 4 to 4 - Chest Measurement - Jacket Size
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